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Get Organized Without Losing It

Get Organized Without Losing It

by Janet S. Fox

Epiphany library section 10 D: Youth (gr. 6-8), Character Building/Service.

For youth, grades 6-9, here is a funny but helpful book to help you get organized:

Get Organized Without Losing It

Kids, do you have trouble getting organized? Is your locker a shocker? Is your backpack a black hole? Are you always in a rush on school mornings? Do you forget stuff you were meant to take to school? Do you have no real place to study at home? Do you waste time and regret it later on?

You are NOT alone! Most kids find the upper elementary and middle school grades more challenging; I know I did (it’s actually easy to remember that far back in the mists of time, to the early 1960’s!). I floated along getting straight A’s in elementary school, but suddenly middle school took a higher level of study and organization. Assignments are more difficult, there are more long-range projects, and in order to get A’s you have to study longer and harder than you did just a few years before. Middle school also means carrying all your stuff in a backpack, keeping your locker tidy, setting up a study space at home, and balancing after school activities with study, relaxation, and sleep.

This book helps you deal with all this! It covers basic tools for getting organized, focusing on your classroom desk, backpack, school locker and bedroom. It tells how to organize your school paperwork. It discusses how to organize your time day-by-day and long-range. It describes how to set up a study area at home and how to get ready for school the night before so you arrive at school in a calm mood and ready to learn. It discusses making nutritious lunches, how to set up your notebooks, and even offers memory tips.

You can read this book quickly and put most of its suggestions into use the day you read them! You, your parents and your teachers will notice a huge difference in your ability to complete work on time, to get and stay organized, and don’t be surprised if your grades improve too! “Another day, another A!”


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