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Bullies are a Pain in the Brain by Trevor Romain

Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain by Trevor Romain.  Epiphany library section 9A: Juvenile (K-5th), Religion and Values.                This wonderful book for kids pestered by bullies tells them how to become  bully-proof.  As readers laugh along with Trevor’s jokes and cartoons, they learn tried and true ways of dealing with bullies.  Chapters include: Why Bullies are Such a Pain, What You Can Do About Bullies, Five Myths About Bullies, Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing With Bullies, Are YOU a Bully?, and A Message to Teachers and Parents.  There is also a resource list of helpful books, websites and organizations where kids and their parents can obtain additional information about bullying.  
           Bullied children need to know they are not alone and that being bullied is not their fault.  And bullies need to know that they can change their bad behavior and learn how to make friends in healthy ways.  
           Schools are required by law to be bully-free places where all children feel safe to learn and be who they are.  No child should have to go to school afraid of being attacked physically, verbally or psychologically.  Victimized children need to know that if they report bullying, something will be done about it.  And bullies need to understand that their behavior won’t be tolerated.  Bullying is no joke, as anguished kids and their parents know.  Bullies don’t magically go away; assuming that they will go away just gives them more power.  Kids, teachers, parents and school staff must all work together to eliminate bullying from schools and other places where kids interact – playgrounds, parks, malls, and so on.  This book and “bully-proofing schools” programs can help focus on and alleviate this problem.  I don’t know if it can be eliminated all together, but laser-like attention to this problem is a great step forward.  

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