New to Epiphany?

Epiphany was chartered in 1992.  Our congregation is diverse because most of us are not native Floridians; we come from the northern US and different countries around the world.  Our unifying desires are to bring people to Jesus and to serve “the least of these.”  We are blessed with a multitude of talents, perspectives and faith journeys that enrich our congregation.

Worship is central to church life.  As we hear God’s word, receive forgiveness and offer praise, we are assured of our place as God’s beloved children and are formed to become God’s people as God calls us and wants us to be.

We responded to the brokenness of the church in 2017 when we became a Reconciling in Christ church.  We eagerly welcome all to participate fully in church life.

We value new ministry ideas. Such ideas in recent years have included “Books Brothers,” supplying books to local school children; a prayer shawl ministry; and a free coffee ministry for commuters on Wednesday mornings.  Click on our Ministries tab to explore how the Holy Spirit is working among us for the good of our community and the world God loves.

Music at Epiphany is a gift that touches peoples’ hearts.  We value the music of the Lutheran tradition but we also embrace other styles: contemporary, African-American, Taize, Hispanic and Native American.  Our vocal choir invites all to join the choir, even those who cannot read music. We welcome temporary singers during the holidays and ask instrumentalists to share their gifts.  Our bell choir, currently undergoing a rest period, will reorganize soon.

Education at Epiphany builds strong Lutherans.  We have a nursery, Sunday School for children, Sunday Table Talks for adults, and three bible study groups for adults. Exploring the bible in group settings creates insight, and greater faith and trust in God’s ways and plans for us. We have a large church library for all ages.

We invite you to join us as we “live Lutheran” at Epiphany by loving, caring, serving, sharing – Jesus’ way!

Reconciling in Christ Congregation

In March, 2017, we approved our Reconciling in Christ welcoming statement that promises full inclusion and participation to all people.  We are proud to be the second ELCA congregation in all of central Florida to achieve this status.  Our RIC statement is prominently displayed in our narthex (entry hall) and often brings the oppressed a feeling of astonished relief and joy when they read it:

“At Epiphany Lutheran Church we believe that God loves and forgives us completely. This gift of grace inspires us to share God’s love with others. We strive to follow the example of Christ, as we grow in love, and welcome into full participation persons of every race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic situation, physical or mental ability, or any other circumstance.

We strive to build relationships based on trust. We embrace God’s gift of human diversity and affirm that all people are created in God’s image. As God’s beloved children, all people are recipients of God’s love and grace.

We welcome all who have known the pain of exclusion and isolation in church and society. We value diversity and we are united in faith in Jesus Christ. We welcome all people to live out this commitment through worship, study and service. We pray for guidance as we grow more fully into the body of Christ. Amen.”

Pastor’s Welcome

“Here in this faith community Jesus will love, forgive, nourish, nurture, strengthen, provide you with faith gifts, and call you to serve God and others.  Together we will encounter God through Spirit-led worship, joyous fellowship, faith-enriching learning opportunities, and life-giving acts of service to others.  Being part of this community means that you will be invited to work together with others to prayerfully and boldly follow Jesus wherever He leads us to share with others the Good News of his forgiving, saving, transformative love for all people.”

Epiphany’s Story

In April, 1989 a few people gathered together with a vision to begin a new Lutheran church in northeast Orlando, Florida.  On August 29, 1989 the group held its first worship service in the chorus room of Lake Howell High School in Oviedo, FL.

As months passed, they gathered more members.  Pastor Greg Moore was the group’s first minister. Property was bought on East Lake Road, and the congregation, chartered on March 1, 1992, became an official congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Pastor Barry Snowden was installed as minister on June 13, 1993.  Epiphany members broke ground for our present church building where the first worship was held on August 10, 1997.

Our interim Pastor in 2004, Mark Rath, paved the way for Pastor Lorrie Davison, who was installed October 23, 2005.  Pastor Andrea Weigand succeeded her and served our congregation until the summer of 2016.  Pastor Roger Prehn is our current interim pastor.

We are good stewards.  Over the last few years we have refurbished our church building with a new roof and flooring, new AC/heating system, and restroom updates.  A bequest enabled us to completely refurbish the children’s playground.  A local scout troop created a new prayer garden.  We have been so blessed with these gifts.

We continually extend our reach into the community with service projects of both long and short duration.  We currently serve four local charities and feed the hungry in coordination with a sister church.

In response to a desire to heal the broken universal church we spent 2016-17 working on becoming a Reconciling in Christ congregation.  Our RIC statement was approved in March, 2017.

As we look to the future, our emphasis is on growth of our congregation, of giving time, talents and treasure, and of serving our community.  But our primary goal remains as it has always been: to bring people to Jesus so they may be assured they are beloved children of God and share in Jesus’ message of love and salvation. We hope you will join us as we build a stronger and more committed body of Christ.