Library hours: anytime the church is open.

Who can use this library? Only members of Epiphany can use this self-help library; it’s on the honor system.

How is the library arranged? Items are arranged in numbered sections by subject. Within those sections are lettered subsections. In each subsection books are arranged alphabetically by author’s last name. Use the signs to find what you want. Similar books on the same topic are grouped together. It’s very user-friendly!

How do I borrow an item? Sign your name on the green card in the book pocket inside the back cover of the book. Cards go in the blue plastic box on the counter.

How long is the borrowing period? 3 weeks. Please help us save postage on overdue notices by returning materials promptly – longer than that, items get mislaid. There are no fines. If you lose an item you may choose to pay to replace it, but that’s not mandatory. Please notify the librarian if borrowed items get mislaid. We’ll give them time to turn up. (Check your house and car, especially under the seats!)

Where do I return items? Place them on the library counter. DO NOT reshelve them.

Is there a card catalog? Yes, it’s on the counter. It’s arranged alphabetically by author’s last name. If no author, items are arranged by first title word, excluding the word, “The.”

Is the catalog online? Yes.  See the link below.  It is accessible anytime, day or night.

Does the library accept donations? Yes, we accept donations of books and media – new and used. Call first before buying a new item to make sure we don’t already have it. Used books we can’t use will be swapped online for books we want; others are sold at the rummage sale. The library accepts monetary donations any time of year for books and supplies.

Can I give a gift to the library in honor or in memory of someone? Yes! A bookplate in honor or memory of someone can be placed in the front of the book, making it a permanent gift to Epiphany for use by all members.

Can I help in the library? Yes, by joining the library ministry team. Watch for meeting times in Epiphany’s newsletter. Everyone’s welcome, even children!

Library with link to catalog online:

Copies of this brochure are available on the library counter.