Worship is our most important event!  We invite you to worship with us on Sunday mornings at 10 AM.  Our worship always includes Holy Communion and is a blend of traditional and contemporary elements.  Power Point displays make it easy to follow along.  Worship lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Worship attire?  Well, this is Florida where people generally dress comfortably.  You will see dresses and casual business wear as well as tropical shirts, jeans, shorts, tees and sandals.  The following worship outline will answer many of your questions and let you know what to expect during worship.

A Hearty Welcome

Enter the church parking lot via Tuskawilla Road.  After parking your vehicle, you will be welcomed by our greeters and ushers in the narthex, or entry hall, of Epiphany.  You will receive a bulletin which contains the worship outline and a condensed newsletter which gives you a very good idea of what is happening at Epiphany.  You will be invited to sign our guest book.  First time guests will receive a goodie bag of useful information, freebies and even a puzzle page for your children. Please sit in the nave wherever you like.

We encourage children to stay for the entire worship service to participate as they are able.  For restless kids ages 3+ there are activity bags hanging on a rack in the back of our nave (worship space).  Kindly return them to the rack after worship for others to enjoy.  Children who need time to run around or let off some steam can be taken into the narthex momentarily.  A nursery is also available; just ask the ushers for directions.


We observe ten minutes of silence in the nave prior to worship from 9:50 to 10 AM to allow for prayer and listening to a lovely prelude.  Then our pastor welcomes all, and we have the confession and forgiveness of sins.  We sing our gathering song; follow along on Power Point or in the red hymnals.  The prayer of the day sets the tone for the service.

Hearing God’s Word

We listen to three bible readings.  The first is usually taken from the Old Testament.  The second often comes from the New Testament letters.  For the third, from the Gospels, we stand to honor Jesus who speaks to us in these readings.  The sermons are usually based on the Gospel reading, and the hymn of the day is a response to the sermons.  The creed professes our belief in God, who is revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sharing Christ’s Meal

We offer our prayers to God, seeking strength, guidance and peace for ourselves and others.  After passing God’s peace to those near us, we respond to the message in the Gospel with our offering of time, talents and resources while the choir offers their special music of the day.  The Great Thanksgiving calls upon God to bless the meal we are about to share with the risen Christ in bread and cup.  All who desire to share in Communion are welcome to the table.  Follow the usher’s directions to come forth to the altar.  Those not communing may come forward with their arms crossing their chests (palms to shoulders) for a blessing.

Being Sent Back into the World

Following Communion, a blessing, benediction and time of reflection are followed by the sending song of the day, and the congregation is sent forth into the world to serve the Lord in daily life.


After greeting our Pastor you are invited to have coffee, drinks and snacks in the fellowship hall.  We will be eager to introduce ourselves to you and ask you to join us at a table.  You will see animated conversation, intergenerational visiting, good-natured joshing, folks asking after those who are ill or homebound, and perhaps a bit of church business conducted here and there.  Fellowship allows us to offer support and friendship to one another with myriad ways to connect, making our congregational bonds stronger.  Children generally have their snack and go outdoors in the newly refurbished playground, a safe, fenced play space with a large play structure and swings.

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