This team is composed of people who maintain and care for our church building and grounds.  They paint, tile, lay carpet, woodwork, do carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work, trim the grass and shrubbery, chip branches, mow the lawns – whatever is required to keep our building and grounds in good condition.  

Twice a year they schedule a congregation-wide clean-up day prior to Advent and again at Easter, to prepare the church to look its best for these liturgical seasons.  Everyone pitches in to help wash windows, shampoo rugs, seating, and floors, and thoroughly deep clean the church interior.  Outside, people weed, plant, clip, fertilize – whatever needs to be done.  Workers pause  to share lunch and fellowship.     

Recent property team projects include installing handsome laminate flooring in the church offices and other rooms, refurbishing the narthex with new tile, paint and baseboards, tiling the Sunday School hallway, carpeting and repainting the nursery, as well as building a large storage shed in the rear of the main building.  Replacing the church roof is coming soon!   Periodically, women clear and reorganize closets and the kitchen cabinets and drawers.  This is done prior to our biannual rummage sales so castoff items can be sold.

We are blessed by all these people who give so generously of their time and talents, and you are welcome to join them in this ministry.  

Interested in becoming a part of the Property Team Ministry?  Contact us!