Members of the Synodical Deacon Ministry have either completed or are involved in the 2-year Diakonia program.  The program is a further study in the ELCA Deacon Program.  

Here is a personal write up by Jutta Dial, a member of Epiphany Lutheran Church, who recently completed the two year program:

Diakonia, my intense life for 2 years that is still ongoing after the classroom work is done.       2 years of learning about Christian history, why we believe what we believe, Grace, the rules and regulations, Luther’s life, Ethics, how we can, do and should serve others, where is Christianity going and Church in general. And of course there was a little Bible thrown in for good measure. The love of our Savior, our Lord Jesus the Christ.


We had fellowship and discussion, frustration and joy. Tears and comfort.


I entered this program for personal enrichment, I found out about the ability to become a Deacon about halfway through the second year. Personal enrichment would have been great all on its own, but I am moving on to become a Deacon.


For the technical stuff, Diakonia is a 2 year course, 6 sessions for 5 weeks each per year. Classes start at the beginning of September. Classes are in the evening for 3 hours that just fly by. A one night audit might be available.


Yes, it costs money, but scholar ships are available. Books are required in most of the courses, but most of the time you can find them used or from other students.


Fellowship, frustration, joy, comfort, learning with lots of understanding because there are so many AHA moments. Understanding, accepting that others have a different point of view… and learning where God wants to put me even if I don’t want to go there. I might just audit a class or two.


And play Jonah for a while.


Jutta Dial


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