This team is composed of the music director, altar guild director, worship leader scheduler, and representatives from the choir, bell ringers and congregation.  The team plans the shape and sound of our Sunday worship, and sees that a good balance is maintained between traditional Lutheran liturgical forms and more contemporary worship and music styles.  They plan special worship events such as installing a labyrinth for Holy Week, liturgical festival  celebrations, and special Christmas eve and Easter services.  

The team maintains all worship furniture; utensils; robes; candlelighters; paraments; linens; banners; choir and bell music files; Eucharistic bread, wine and communion ware; and see that there is clean, proper and secure storage for everything.  This team is also responsible for all sound and projection equipment as well as the sound team.  From time to time items are bought or replaced as needed; a new choir microphone and new banners are recent acquisitions.        

Our very talented seamstresses,  painters, quilters and woodworkers make new paraments, banners, piano keyboard covers and choir risers.  We are so blessed that they give of their time and talents to make our worship beautiful and inspiring.  We welcome you to this dedicated group.  

We are blessed by all these people who give so generously of their time and talents, and you are welcome to join them in this ministry.

Interested in becoming a part of the Worship and Music Team Ministry?  Contact us!